Monday, April 18, 2011

wedding theme and college news

First lets talk about the college news.I have a meeting may 5th to meet with a counselor to talk about the basics of nursing course i'm going to take.Til then I have to actually apply to the college and take a placement test for the course to see where I stand as far as math and english goes.My financial aid application was approved but i can't see how much i'm approved for til social security claims my identity.They better get a move on it cause I wanna know this damnit! I'm so excited to go back to school ! K now onto wedding details,we have not set a date but i'd like to get married when the weather is warm.As far as where I do not know that either,right now we are just planning the little details.Today I decided the color scheme and that is : BROWN AND PINK! It's going to be super cute.The girls are going to wear pink dresses with some sort of brown ribbon on them and the men will wear brown vests with a pink tie.The pink is more of a light pink and the brown is a dark brown so when you put the two together it looks so good.

 here is what the colors will look like.I really like this cake as well but I wanna make it into my own,not copy from google lol.

this dress is similar to what i'd like to see on my two nieces,Natalie and Emma.Natalie is a year old and Emma is three so they will look ADORABLE!!

This is similar to what my son Mason will be wearing :) He is currently 8 months old

Link to the dress I want !

Got to run!Fiance is going to get us dinner and then we are watching Secret Life at 8 ! xo

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