Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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I have a headache the size of canada right now,and im the stubborn type that hates to take pills.I'm so silly when it comes to pills lol I cut it up and take it with applesauce,dont hate.Anywho today I had an interview at a salon to be basically a receptionist.I REALLY hope I get it,I love the atmosphere and basically I can be myself there.All the girls are super gorgeous and do a great job with hair,I never knew about the salon until today..wish I did!I think it'd deff. be something I enjoy,im obsessed with hair in general so being around it will be perfect!I really wish people would stop asking me about why i quit the daycare,I've got a reason that im not sharing!I actually dont share my whole life story believe it or not.What's meant to be will be I guess but my fingers will deff. be crossed ! That was the only good part about today considering I have been feeling like shit all day.I think it may just be allergies,who knows..lets talk about whats urking me.Number one..people who bitch about cops.Oh yes got to love people who do nothing but get themselves in trouble and bitch because they got caught.WELLLLL..maybe if you set your act straight,there wouldnt be a problem.Cops only do their job,yes some can be real assholes but a lot of them just are trying to get paid like the rest of us.Maybe it's time to grow up and quit acting like a hoodlum the rest of your life,if at all possible.Number two..insecure females who make their boyfriends delete you off facebook.Oh me...he was the one commenting my facebook all the time,i left not one comment on his.I understand though,I'd be insecure if I looked like you too..hehe ima bitch!I know i'm a bitch,but why say it like it's a bad thing?Just like johnny boy, im simply a "beautiful individual that correct hoes !".Yes,I am exactly that...and what ?
lastly but most importantly,people who run their mouths..behind your back!Really?My back can talk?Oh ok,that's news to me.smh,I was born with a face and so were you so how about speaking to it.The ones who want to speak face to face are always the pussys according to the real pussys.Oh so we are playing opposites now..ok i'm ugly your drop dead gorgeous!LOL love playing opposites.When will people ever grow up?I blaim technology,people rely on it to much..pretty soon we will only communicate through a phone or computer.There will be no one on one,i bet you.Although there would be no more UFC :( hopefully it wont get that far ! Anyways for those who are reading this,I have a face and if you have something to say,say it to that.Quit making excuses and be a big girl !This isn't about anyone specific,I witness these things online and with people I know..of course I've been in the situation before too.Thought i'd clarify that before people start getting all insecure on me.Pretty much every person has dealt with a pussy in their life and I was just stating that it annoys me.To all you who arent one,YOU GO GIRL ! or boy..whichever.
It's been a sad week,A fellow I knew passed away this week and I will be attending his funeral friday.I also have to attend Jewl's funeral,my fiance's mom's boyfriend's mother..which is really going to break my heart.I absolutely adored her and she adored me as well.We used to talk about hair and girly stuff,she loved to talk when she could.She would always tell me how beautiful I was and how lucky david was to be with me.She was just so sweet and I miss her so much,it was so hard seeing her go down hill.It's a part of life though,unfortunately.Not looking forward to the funeral at jewl and justin kerr xo

I'm going to go lay down and rest and hope this headache goes away!deuces 

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