Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter Everyone !!!
So yesterday was quite interesting!I punched someone in the face,got drunk,and made someone mad lol.We went to our family cookout and ate some yummy hamburgers and hotdogs and drank yueng ling.Sure enough I had a good buzz by the time me and david went to drop off mason at his mom's house for the night.I posted a picture of a rabbit and put "david's new crush" and oh my god he got so offended ! He was like "get the fuck off me,thats not how i like my women or else I wouldnt be with you" kinda sweet in a way to know I dont look like a rabbit.Before braces I surely did,it wasnt pretty..I should post a picture of it soon LOL!But yes he was very offended,he ended up laughing it off later though.Joelyn and I went to her friend johnathan's house and drank more beer and talked to random people.There was this guy who's nickname was "monkey" and he was hilarious!Can't say I was a fan of the girls there though,half of their teeth was missing!I won't get into that subject but they were nice and we had a good time.For some reason I was just in the mood to fight last night,I think it was all the beer but I usually dont get like that.I've run out of shit to say,everyone have a goooood easter!

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