Monday, April 18, 2011


yayyy,so excited to get married!my fiance and I have been through ALOT and to think after everything we are still just proves that we are meant to be and this is for real,i've never loved someone as much as I love him.he's the best i've ever had,i'm the best he's ever had..PERIOD! love is wonderful.anyways i'm getting ready while my baby boy is napping.When he wakes up we are going to the community college to see if I can sign up for nursing classes!As long as financial aid is available then I am deff. signing up.So for those of you who doubt me and love to shove your money in my face,fucccckkk you :) I spent a grand on clothes the other weekend so kiss my ass.I've got the best out of life and deff. dont want anything anyone else has.I'm not a jealous person at all,noone on the earth has given me something to be jealous of that is better than what I already have.wish me luck today!praying for good news
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