Sunday, April 17, 2011

ahhh life

okay I said I was going to do this so here it is,a list of changes i'd like to see in the world!

1. cure for aids,cancer,jealousy,bitchassness
2. people over the age of 50 be forced to re apply for their license and if they are too damn slow,they lose their license
3.  put the words "must go" over the given speed limit on the sign
4. marijuana be legal in the US period.
5. abortion be illegal
6. still be allowed to smoke in restaurants
7. gay marriage to be legal

wow that's all I can think of!I had a whole list earlier,but i just got ENGAGED! :) no joke,in the middle of typing this I was pulled aside and given the most beautiful ring ever.ahhh life <3

Femme Fatale Deluxe

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