Sunday, April 24, 2011

out with the old,in with the new

Today was a pretty damn good easter!For most of the day we stayed at home and played with our baby boy who we picked up around 9 this morning from grandma allen's :) Around 4ish we met my parents at Famous Anthonys and dropped mason off with them so we could go truck shopping.We didn't find anything we really like but there is a red jeep on Craigslist that david really likes.I'm trying to convince him to get an automatic so that I can drive it too lol I think i'm doing pretty good so far.Looks like we found a buyer for it unless we get a better offer.Right now it's for sale for $3000 so we are going to put in on Craigslist to see if we can get that much before we just decide to sell it for less.David really wants a jeep because he always has wanted one but we shall see what we end up with.Tomorow is Monday...boooo :( which means it's just me and mason for most of the day.I love spending time with him but the day goes by soooo slow.If it's nice out we will probably go walking at Percival's Island,he always enjoys going on walks.On a darker note,I hate fake friends that talk shit about you behind your back.Balls,get some!Men suck a lot of the time but I could never be a lesbian for many reasons.One i'd be arrested for hitting a bitch lol which is considered domestic violence right?idk something like that.I just despise so many girls so there is no way I could be with one,I like dick too much haha!I'm all for some gay guys but lesbians gross me the fuck out.Carpet muchers..haha!Today I thought I saw the easter bunny but nope it was just..alright let me stop LOL! I'm really hoping the salon I applied at calls me back,i'd be soooo sososo happy.If not well I guess it's on to the next one womp.I don't wanna work with kids PERIOD,i've got one of my own I dont need to work with anymore.I wish May 7th would hurry up and get here so we can be on our way to Busch Garden's !! Haven't been there in sooo long and i'm more than ready.I've run out of things to talk about..fuck bitches get money. xo

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