Thursday, April 21, 2011

all about me !!

   20 Favourites
Band?Lil wayne,Wiz Khalifa,Rick Ross,Waka Flocka Flame
Book?Undiscovered Gyrl
Colour?Pink & white
Flower?Pink Rose
Game?Apples to Apples lol
Hair Colour?Brunette ;)
Letter of the Alphabet?B
Movie?Superbad,He's just not that into you,50 first dates
Name (girls)?Brittney
Name (boys)?Mason
Scent?Fruity smells.
TV Channel?Mtv,Bravo,Abc family,E!,TLC
Videogame?Zumba for wii
Zoo Animal?Zebra !
Survey Type?idk.
Smiley or Emocon :)?;)
19 Last Person
Person you called?David
Person who called you?Parents
Person who text you?David
Person you IM'd?Noone
Person you kissed?David.
Person you hugged?David
Person you spoke to face to face?David
Person you swore at?David lol
Person you said sorry to?Holly
Person you said I love you to?Davidddd.
Person you shared a secret with?idk
Person who made you cry?dunno.
Person who made you laugh?Mason.
Person who said they loved you?David
Person you broke a promise to?hmmm
Person you lent money to?David.
Person you forgot to call?dunno
Person you deliberately ignored?ha
Person you sent an E-Mail to?a salon.
18 What's
Your best friends name?Julie
Your date of birth?1-22-91
Your favourite relatives name?Joelyn.
The date you're taking this?04/21/2011
The colour of your bedroom walls?blue
The age you had your first kiss?real kiss...5th grade
The thing you miss most about being a kid?little responsibilities
The worst school subject?math.
The best movie out there?The Notebook
The band or singer that occurs the most on your music player?Rap of any kind
The colour of your eyes?Hazel.
Some words you overuse?Bitchh
The motto you always live by?Live life too it's fullest
The name of your country or states capital?Richmond.
The biggest triumph you've had in life????
The hardest thing you've had to overcome?being still young but having a kid makes u feel old lol
The colour of your favourite fruit?red
The age you want to be married by?22.
The funniest song you've ever heard?Ho Stopper-Afroman
17 Cans
You swim?yes
You dance?yesss
You play the guitar?guitar hero haha
Play the violin?no.
Play golf?putt putt !
Sing in tune?yes.
Eat hot food?ya...
Remember your favourite songs lyrics?yes
Keep up with fashion?course.
Take yourself seriously?yes
Type fast?yes
Be patient?yes but its hard lol
Be diplomatic?sure.
Ice-Skate?never tried
Drive a car?yes
Ride a bike?yes
Play poker?yesss.
Lie without being caught?yup
16 Do You Likes
Fudge Cake?ya.
Archery?not into it
Drinking?ohhh ya !
Walking in the rain?uhh no
Walking your dog/a dog?dont have one
French accents?sure.
Italian sexy men?fuckkkk yesss
Rock music?not really.
Psychological thrillers?yes.
15 Lasts (other)
Drink you had?vitamin water
Food you ate?micky ds
Sentence you spoke?idk.
Song you heard?marry me-train
CD you bought?been forever.idk
Movie you watched?love & other drugs.
Accident you had?with my cousin in her truck
Alcoholic beverage you had?sex on the beach.
Injection you had?uhhh.
Argument you had?david
Joke you heard?idk.
Show you watched?jerseylicious
Text you recieved?idk.
Emotion you felt?happpppyyyy
14 Have You Evers
Slammed a door in someones face?yes haha
Kissed somebody elses partner?oops.
Lost a bet and had to do something embarrassing?ya
Forgot your own telephone number?yess lol
Dropped your phone in water?mhmm many times.
Kicked an inanimate object and apologired?kicked yes,dunno wat the hell apolo erkjrgjerk means
Ate a bug or insect?hell no
Been to Paris?i wishhh
Lost your temper at a teacher?ya
Fainted in a public place?no.
Got so drunk you didn't remember what happened?mhmm
Forgot a doctors appointment?yes.
Dated someone in the military (or was in training/planning to be)?yes.
Hid something so your parents/teacher/the police wouldn't find it?all the above !
13 Worsts
Band?my chemical romance
Haircut?straight across bangs.ew
Habit?chewing gum like a cow
Movie?human centipede
Show?real world
Violent Act?guys hitting a girl.unless its chris brown HAHAHAHA!
Weather Type?rainy and cold
12 Would You Evers
Sleep with your best friend?i do every night
Give a kidney?sure,
Give a stranger a $1?have before
Risk your life for a complete stranger?no.
Give your lollypop to a crying child?fuck that.
Sing solo in front of 25 thousand people?yes
Marry someone you loved but had no physical attraction to?no
Marry someone because they got you/you got them pregnant?no
Hand over all your money so a mugger doesn't hurt you?if it saved my life.
Learn how to fly an aeroplane?aeroplane?haha yes
Pay $500 for sunglasses?yes
Take cocaine or another hard drug just to see what happens?no.
11 Words that describe you
1. bitch
2. sexy
3. strong.
5. funny
6. petite
7. straight forward
9. kind
10. sarcastic
11. mature
10 This or Thats
Chocolate or Strawberries?both
Banana or Strawberry Milkshake?banana
Rap or Techno?rap
Rock or Pop?pop.
Lasagne or Chicken Curry?lasagne
Fingers or Toes?fingers,
Clocks or Watches? are hidious
Playstation or Wii?wii.
Coconut or Mango?mango
Movie or TV?tv
9 How Manys
How many sisters do you have?0
How many brothers do you have?0
How many friends do you have on Facebook?alot.
How many contacts do you have on MSN?0
How many TVs are in your house?3
How many countries have you lived in, in your life?1
How many holidays outside your country have you been on?0
How many letters are in your full name?14
How many serious partners have you had?4
8 Songs you absolvely love
1. its a fight-3 6 mafia
2. head over feet-alanis morsette
3. roll up-wiz khalifa
4. a minute for your son-dmx
5. bonnie n shyne-shyne
6. for my dawgs-waka flocka
7. blowin money fast-rick ross
8. racks on racks
7 Do Yous
Smoke?ya kiss my ass
Drink?when i get the chance
Swear often?yes
Play a sport?no.
Eat meat?yes
Play fair?hehe.
Use smileys?:)
6 Describes
Your Bedroom:cute
Your Appearance:sexy.
your Garden:dont have one
Your Current Mood:happy
Your Life So Far:amazing.
Your Favourite Colour:pink n white
5 Foods you love
1. tacos
2. pasta
3. icecream
4. pizza
5. chicken tenders
4 Greatest fears
1. bees
3. death
4. being alone
3 Lessons I've learnt
1. dont trust a hoe
2. confidence is key
3. my life is amazing
2 Things I question
1. hoes
2. bitches
My Greatest Passion
1. David Allen ;)                                           

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