Thursday, April 28, 2011

bags and bags

How about the storms !? I was in Farmville yesterday and thank god I was outta there before the tornado got there.This morning I got soaked bringing mason to his nana's so that was a real blast.I just got done going through my clothes,which I have A TON OF.I got rid of 6 large trash bags full and still don't have enough room for all the clothes I have!I am officially a shopping addict.I ended up re scheduling my interview I was suppose to have today because of the storm but the owner was very understanding.I wonder why certain people add me on facebook,especially since I don't know them.Just because you know David doesn't mean you know me.I can tell you why,they're NOSEY!Just trying to see what David and I are up to well let me tell you we are GREAT!Better than we have been with anyone else,we are each other's bests.We have the cutest baby boy,what can I say we both have good looks so it was destined ! Hope I answered yalls nosey asses,If you have anymore feel free to visit my formspring . Oh and don't worry there is an anonymous option. xo

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