Thursday, April 28, 2011

suck this

Im craving pop cicles !
I hate the feeling of missing someone,it's like a part of you is missing.Meh ohh well,life goes on and people are always going to come in and out of your life.Tomorow is Friday thank goodness,Besides going to my interview at 9:15 I'm not sure what i'm doing.Of course i'll be spending all day with my baby boy but I don't know if David and I will end up going out or not.Sometime this weekend we are going to visit his step mother Marsha with his brother along with his wife and my two nieces ! I can't wait to see natalie,she is now how time flies.Hard to believe that mason will be doing that one day too.I'm in such a blah mood tonight,I need to cheer the hell up.I was just watching Real World and the one guy from there..don't know his name because I never watch the show..well apparently he does gay porn.PUKE!He was sleeping with this girl the whole time and she didn't know,i'd be pretty damn pissed too.She better go get herself tested because lord knows what he got from the porn industry.How can people even do porn?Having sex with multiple people you don't even know,so gross.They make a ton of money but they have to do a lot for that money.Blah no thanks,I'll strip before I ever become a porn star.Yup I've pretty run out of things to talk about,I don't even have anything to bitch about so you know i'm in a blah mood!toodles xo

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