Sunday, April 17, 2011

happy camper

I am so happy today and had such a good fucking weekend.Friday,my love and I had a night alone to ourselves.We went out to eat at La Carretta,my favorite mexican restraunt!I got the number 7 like always which is 2 tacos,rice & beans...sooo good!After that we went to Monkey Joes for icecream,there is always room for dessert in my bellllyy ! Then we just rode around Wards Rd. like we used to do all the time.To be honest it's kinda lame because it's mainly people who ride around in their piece of shit cars that they think are fast..MUSTANG..and sound like a damn bumble bee..HONDA!sooo annoying.We don't do it for that though,we just ride around to get out of the house.Saturday we went to Richmond and hung out with friends ! We rented the Human Centipede,nastiest fucking movie i've ever seen.Basically a surgeon attachs 3 people ass to mouth..yumm ! not. I needed a drink after that movie,which i did have..a sex on the beach!It was so much fun seeing the only friends I can count on and basically the only girls that aren't fake.So ya,good weekend in richmond and with my love!Tomorow I am going to the local community college to see if I can enroll in nursing classes.As long as I can get some sort of financial aid I should be set.Life just keeps getting better and better!Now i see why people talk so much shit,jealousy :) I have an amazing boyfriend that they cant have,a handsome baby boy,and a home we can call our own!ya i'd say im pretty damn blessed.Life is what you make it,dont hate me because I have it something about your own.I wish they had something to prescribe people to help their jealousy,it really is quite annoying and sad.That'll be my next blog,things i'd change on this earth!toodles
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