Thursday, April 28, 2011


Who gives a shit about the Royal Wedding,seriously?
Why do trashy girls like the trashy guys from jersey shore?oh wait.
Brown and black DO NOT match
if it's too little too late,chances are it has something to do with your dick size
touch up your damn hair roots if they are looking like a terd in a pool !!
don't say your confident if you are really insecure.
stalking someones profile does mean you're obsessed with them
Honda civics and Mustangs are over-rated.
If donald trump becomes president i'll shoot myself
Lady GaGa is a freak.
Sweet Frog is better than Cold Stone
Most everyone over the age of 50 should lose their license for being slow a hell.
Just because you are pregnant does not mean you'll end up on 16 & Pregnant
Moms are allowed to have freedom every once in a while !
Don't call someone ugly if you're drop dead hidious.
you have to care to be jealous
hating someone means you are secretly in love with them.
Justin Bieber haters need to fuck off.You're just mad you have no talent
Rappers are talent,and no not everyone can be good at it.
it's also REAL music
Screaming your lungs out isn't music and whoever listens to it needs psychological help.
Never wear too much bronzer on your face if the rest of it is pale,no one is fooled
Just because you are a teen dad doesn't mean you need to become a rapper
Don't say someone wants you if they don't even talk to you.
If your profile picture is your car,pet,house,yard etc--it means your ugly
Having your kid as your profile picture is okay because they are a mini version of you.
tattoos doesnt make anyone trashy,it makes them unique.
also means they can tolerate pain and your pussy self can't.
speaking of pussy,you are one if you talk shit online and not to someone's face
money doesn't bring happiness,check out the lovely people of hollywood.
how many of them are truelly happy?none.they all end up in re hab
don't rub your money in someones face,noone really cares.
money doesn't fix ugly,unless you get some plastic surgery which can go terribly wrong as well
America is lazy.
(atleast that's all I can think of)

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