Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am so incredibly excited about training and i'm gonna get on yalls nerves talking about it but you know what,KISS IT!The place I plan to train at is more than perfect,i'm not going to say the place because i'm sure a few people would love to jock my plans.Whether they figure it out or not oh well,i'm still doing it!This place is the largest in my town and the prices are more than affordable!They basically have a MMA package which trains you to fight and teaches you everything you could possibly need.This place also has a daycare,how cool is that?!So I can bring mason with me and I don't have to worry about finding a sitter.People think I don't know what to expect from this and that i'm going to fail,but its you people that motivate me even more!I know I'm going to get my ass wooped,every fighter gets it!I'm not going in this thinking i'm some powerful bitch who is going to kick everyone's ass,no that's not what I think at all.I look up to these people and the thought of being a part of it excites me.For those of you who doubt me because i'm need to do some re search.Small people are quick,and that is a big advantage..being short has it's dis advantages yes but so does being tall.Just like fat people,when people look at them they think "oh man they could woop my ass" no,just because they are big doesnt mean they can do jack shit. "it's not the size of the dog in the fight,it's the size of the fight in the dog",and that quote is so true!I love Mark Twain,his quotes are the best.I want to get that tattoo'd on me somewhere one day lol.I know that i'm going to have a lot of people doubting me and talking shit on me thinking im some joke,but like I said..yall make me want to do this even more!I'm going to prove so many of you wrong :)

Just got back eating from here and boy was it yummy!Not as good as la caretta though,hehe.

I have an interview tomorow at Nicole's Shoes bright and early.I hope I get it because this will pay for my training!Wish me luck xo

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