Friday, April 22, 2011


mmm hell yeah!Getting ready to have a nice dinner at Olive Garden with my love,joelyn,and chris.Love olive garden,especially their breadsticks and salad.Today was a sad day,went to Justin Kerr's funeral and it broke my heart to hear his sister and best friend speak.I know if it were my son,bestfriend,or brother i'd be just as heartbroken.I didn't know him too well but when I did hang out with him he was super nice and treated me as if we had known each other forever.That's one thing they mentioned at the funeral,noone was a stranger to him and it's so true.R.I.P Big Kerr and my heart goes out to all his family and friends <3 On a brighter note,I get to spend time with my love and cousin tonight along with her friend so it'll be a good night for sure.Who knows what mischeif we will get into but it'll be something!I wore heels today which I barely ever wear btw,my feet hurt like hell now.David says I look sexy in heels tho,hehe :) He looked sexy as well in his nice shirt and slacks.Hell,we are just a sexy ass couple!Be jealous. xo
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