Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bitchier than me !?

I know I bitch a lot but damn this lady had me beat at the wic office!The whole time all I heard was "these people are so slow".."I work two jobs to pay for them to work".."they need to get more organized" blahblahblah. She even went up to the counter and was like "what are yall doing back there?",damn.I bitch a lot but never am I rude unless I have a reason to be rude.She had to wait maybe ten minutes longer than her appointment,wah!big deal.Now if it had been an hour or something,thats when id start bitching!Maybe I have patience after all..haha!Just not when it comes to driving or food.Anyway,I was just going through masons clothes and found one of his onesies he wore at the hospital.I cried and cried and cried,my baby is growing so fast :( lol it's a mother thing.So now im going to go relax and watch some tv and be lazy til 3,then im gonna pick up mason and we are going to meet holly at the mall.Peace
Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch, 3E 

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