Thursday, April 21, 2011


In case a few of you didn't know,my boyfriend is taken by ME.Apparently this is hard to grasp but yes he is no longer available.There is no way ANYONE even has a shot with him so don't bother unless you want to be embarresed.I have no problem setting people straight so if this needs to be spoken further off my blog it's a date!I'll mark you down on my calender ha!Don't make up excuses to talk to him if you have no business talking to him.Yes friends are perfectly fine,im not insecure..i know he'd never do anything to hurt me.It's these hoes that will!He tells me everything so if you think you can talk to him and I won't find out...your wrong.I'm the best he's ever had,so i've been told and I fuck him properly..HA!Sexy and good in bed..ya i'd say he's not gonna leave that for ugly.Just fuckin sayin :) So if you got a problem,take a number..ill get to you when I can

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