Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If I could just go back in time and change the age I was when I had mason,I would!It's pathetic how many girls are getting pregnant now,there's a new one everyday.After witnessing it,it makes me ashamed to have to be one of them.Do I regret having mason?no.Would I take it all back?no.The only thing i'd change is my age,that way I couldnt say im one of those dumbass girls.I could have been more careful for sure,but the pregnancy was nowhere near planned.I think ALOT of these girls just are starting not to care about protection because they wouldnt mind being pregnant because they think a baby will FIX their problems.Also that it will help their relationship and keep their man with them.No im not saying every teen mom is stupid because that is deff. not true.Im saying the ones who are opening themselves to pregnancy are STUPID and need counseling.A baby is not gonna keep your man with you,in fact..look at all the couples that were once together that had a baby..are they together now?I bet most of them arent.I dont think they really realize how life changing a baby is,they see these shows and assume it'll be that easy.Being responsible for a human life for the next 18 years or so..will not be easy!Sure paying for diapers and stuff isnt so bad now,but wait til they are old enough for the dentist..will you be able to afford it?Or when they get their license..someones going to want a car!To assume that a guy is going to support you and that these things are going to be handed to you is WRONG.it's girls with that attitude that i CANNOT STAND.As for teen moms that are aware and take responsibility as it comes are the ones i support.Not the ones that try to have a baby to fix every little thing in their life.It's not fair,not to you or the baby..think about someone else before yourself.The numbers keep going up and theres no reason why they should be.I deff. think its being done on purpose,like its some trend..and that disgusts me.and as for the ones that go to parties pregnant?!wtf.ya your already off to a GREAT start,grow up..ur going to have to eventually.all i gotta say now is goodluck,half of yall are going to need it.

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