Tuesday, April 26, 2011

say whaaaa

Gina Carano is officially my inspiration to get my body in kick ass shape!This girl is amazing,not only is she incredibly HOT but she can kick fucking ass.Love it!Anyways I just got done working out and i've decided from here on out i'm getting that body.David and I are going to turn a spare room downstairs into a gym..im talking bench press,weight bench,PINK punching bag,tv,the works!I'm going all fucking out,im so inspired..if I had the money i'd train to fight no fucking joke.Maybe I can train myself idk but i'm going to do it,I want to show everyone what i'm capable of and that you dont underestimate ANYONE!No matter the size,color,height,weight,etc !Bring it bitches,it's on

       thats is solid muscle,bad pic but im looking rough after working out so I cropped me out lol.                        Not so little,ay ??         

little girl got Abs?sayyy whaaaa ?!

I love it,I love being misunderstood!People look at me and think I can't do shit because i'm small.Havent you heard?Small people are quick!Quick to kick your asssss.I'm going to be STRONGER and QUICKER,just try to catch me.My fiance and I wrestle all the time and of course he's not going to admit it in order to protect his manly aspect but he can't keep me down for long if at all!I'm going to record it one day,just to show all of yall.He probably wouldn't like that though..mehh ill figure something out.Working out isn't going to be hard in this change,it's the eating that will!I'm all about some fastfood and junkfood,you could say addicted.I'm going to have to start eating lots of whole wheat,protein,and fiber..lord have mercy.I can do it though!Just have to keep telling myself that lol.Anywayss im gonna run,next time ill post some workouts that I do as of now.xo

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