Tuesday, April 26, 2011

caution:pissed the fuck off

No one fuck with me tonight,I'm a pissed off woman who will snap at any moment.Really?You are going to come home after going out for beers..which you didnt let me know you were going to do!And you are gonna say "I didnt do anything wrong" !? All you had to do was simply call me and let me know where you were going.Seriously,you have a fucking child and you are going to pull immature acts like this?Wow.this makes me re-think getting married completely.Who does this to the one you "love" ? What pisses me off most is that he can't admit he was wrong.And then he tries to turn it around and blame me!I go out but I dont just not let anyone know where im going.And if I do go out I have a fucking sitter!This is in no way shape or form my fucking fault.You have a DUI on your record and yet it seems you are going back to your old ways,and yes im putting your ass on blast.He better beg for fucking forgiveness or we are done for good.You just don't do that,especially when you have a child.I can't believe him right now,never has he pulled something fucking stupid like this.I've got a lot of thinking to do

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