Saturday, April 23, 2011


Guess who's going to a cookout on this cloudy ass day!?Me ! I'm still excited though,I love cookouts and plus it'll be with family.As far as what we will do before and after I'm not sure,might go to target or something.We always go there when we are bored and have nothing else better to do.I'm waiting on David to get his ass in the shower,he's such a procrastinator.Womp..oh well,we are just a like which is why we get on each other's nerves.We are stubborn,opinionated,hard headed,and we put things off.I still love his lazy self so I guess i'll keep him hehe.SOMEONE called me from a blocked number last night at like mid night and I didn't answer because either they are a pussy or they were drunk..or both!People are still immature enough to call from a blocked there is a lot of hope for this world,not.With that said,if you are a former pussy..dont call me unless you have the balls to show your number.It's not like I can hit you through the phone lol if you can't handle a phone call i'd hate to see you be a little bitch in person.Grow up people!! Smh

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