Sunday, May 1, 2011

stuffed pig.

Today was a good day!Hung out with my friend Holly who I haven't seen in forever.We went to La caretta and stuffed our face.Our waiter flirted with me like crazy,he grabbed my hand and said "how are you doing" I was like heyyyy! haha.After dinner we went to Sweet Frog in Forest which is much better than Wards Rd by the way!It has more flavors and is less crowded,try it sometime.Now I am at home feeling like a stuffed pig but it was worth it.Tomorow I will know if I have the job or not,I think..either that or atleast by tuesday.I sosososo hope I get it,I need the $$ bad.David and I are back to our rocky ways,he feels it's necessary to have to look at my phone everytime I hang out with a friend.This is the first weekend in forever that I've hung out with any of my friends.What's meant to be will be but as of now I'm just not sure if there's any hope.He deserves to be happy and so do I.I keep praying everyday to find happiness and still have faith that I will.I'm looking forward to starting school,it's going to be a huge step of my life.I go to take the placement test sometime this week and the only thing i'm nervous about is math.I SUCK at math..english and everything else I'm good at.Well it's time to hit the hay,i'm very sleepy!xo

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